Portfolio and Testimonials

The following books are available from Amazon with the “look inside” feature serving as a sample of the final editing result.

“For a first book, it’s near perfect. Grammatically correct. Perfect sentence structure.”          -LannaRu (Amazon reviewer of Slivered)

“I particularly appreciated her developmental editing report with character feedback and guiding questions. She also caught a major timeline inconsistency, and helped me prune my use of sentence fragments and modifiers while keeping enough to still feel like my voice.”
-Kella (Romance)

“As an editor [Tanya] pointed out several weaker areas in my novel that I hadn’t seen, reinforced the ones I had with fresh new ideas, and was able to be both professionally critical and motivational in her review of my work.”
-Kimberley (Fantasy)

“[Tanya’s] details and insight are everything I have ever thought about while writing and even though [she didn’t] like some stuff, [she was] so positive about the way [she] expressed it.”
-Marianne (Paranormal Erotica)

“We hired Tanya to assist with developmental edits for our small press. She was professional, thorough, and insightful in her review.”
-Emily (Paranormal)

“Tanya become my writing mama, and really helped guide me through it. The patience she showed me was immense, and I really can’t thank her enough for the OUTSTANDING job she did.”
-Kandi (Dark Fantasy)